oh also why not

here’s some predictions/hopes i made that got proved or disproved

endgame spoilers as always

"sonia could kill, definitely" — well technically she will have done before they entered the sim but she was actually the most unwaveringly moral one. no killing.

"no way gundam kills someone when he’s such a dope. if gundam actually kills someone i’ll be so upset" - he DID kill someone and i WAS upset but for completely different reasons, augh trial 4

"hinata is the mastermind and shsl despair" - haha CLOSE BUT NO CIGAR

"souda will die early" did u mean survive the entire game

"they’re all in a videogame" ding ding ding

"alter ego will be involved" I STILL CANNOT BELIEVE THIS WAS TRUE (i never got spoiled for anything regarding them this was completely based on chiaki’s design and birthday and talent)

"chiaki and chihiro are related" - techhhhnically true in that chiaki’s AI is definitely modelled off of chihiro’s work for alter ego, wouldn’t have figured that matsuda and the shsl therapist were involved though

"at least hinata, komaeda and nanami will make it to endgame" hahahAHAHAHAHAHAH

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