seeing how i finished sdr2 it’s time to do the character roundup

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hajime hinata -oh my god my dream protagonist if only because i have never felt so….ALIKE with a protagonist? in terms of thought patterns? i mean he’s plenty generic enough so i’m sure many, many people will feel that way, but it got to the point where i was reacting to something by thinking (ugh, kakkou warui) only to click O and see hinata think (ugh, kakkou warui). a good kid. a strong gruff grumpy kid. i’m glad he’s an overwhelming pessimist whose biggest ability is COMPLETELY MANUFACTURED HOPE.

there’s just something delightful about that on so many layers, because his ability IS to manufacture hope via self-propulsion and determinations rather than optimism and i ADORE! THAT! MESSAGE!.

as a side note —- izuru kamukura is a weird case because he’s…not exactly hinata, but sort of is? from what little we saw of him he seemed like a really tragic character w/ serious identity problems and what a sick joke that he was the one they engineered with all the talents, ugh ugh poor sweety w/ ridiculous visual kei hair

nagito komaeda - A ROLLERCOASTER RIDE I COULDN’T PUT DOWN. how do i even talk about good old nagito. i shrieked at him. and groaned in agony. and when he started fucking my shit up so severely that i was like I CANT BELIEVE THIS GUY IS WITH US TIL THE END he went. AND. DIED. I JUST??? HFGFNFNNHGmgh he’s gamzee but gamzee where i actually give a shit. the most AWFUL thing is how he’s actually working for overall good? and that’s not immediately apparent, but. holy shit. i loved komaeda.

usami - SWEET GENTLE RABBIT QUEEN i can’t believe i ever doubted you!!!! aughhh our perfect special teacher i can’t wait to play dangan island with meowgon to see her being awesome and brave and strong. what a cute little digital avatar.

kazuichi souda - im kind of irritated with how much i love souda ( i love souda a LOT) because by all accounts he’s actually terrible, he’s just /so bad/ and so creepy (and everyone treats him like he’s really creepy, which i liked) but deep down he’s a good sweet kid with good motives even if he’s a nerdy crying lazy asshole. babe <3

gundam tanaka - THE GREATEST CHARACTER IN THE GAME do you know how many tears i wept when he kicked it, do you know how many tears i wept while he was explaining why he had to murder somebody, ugh what a brave baby, i still can’t believe him calling sonia ‘she-cat’ as a nickname is canon, ugh. perfect trial 4 victim tbh. 

mikan tsukimi - ok, see, on the one hand i LOVE mikan because she’s so sweet and kind and caring in spite of all the undeniable awfulness she goes through. on the other i was uncomfortable literally every time she showed up. i got serious awful abuse vibes from her? the stuff w/ her and hinata in bed was really uncomfortable. her xecution was terrible. bbbbbasically i wish she had been treated not as creepily but i liked her, she was a trooper in chap 3 (until. the obvious.)

ibuki mioda - there were times where i was sure i was going to get bugged by how obviously joke character she was but I NEVER DID, she was a big whirlwind of personality and i adored her, she never did anything wrong, what a consummate cutey

nekomaru nidai - WAS SERIOUSLY BLAND FOR LIKE HALF THE GAME but redeemed himself by a) being akane’s palepal and b) all the shit in chapter 4 where he obviously threw the match w/ gundam so he’d get to die. also mininidai sob sob sob

fuyuhiko kuzuryuu - chapter 2 endeared him to me and then i was won over for the rest of the game, what a good little bratling. also he’s so much cuter in original japanese where he’s not calling everyone slurs all the time hhhahaha

mahiru koizumi - GOD IM SO MAD ABOUT HOW EARLY SHE DIED, even still, i just keep thinking about how her friendship with hiyoko was just starting and how she’d taken over as leader from twogami and how she tried so hard to reason w/ kuzuryuu but IT WAS TOO LATE, augh mahiruuu

chiaki nanami - fucking christ what a good baby. i was suspecting she was involved w/ alter ego from the beginning but i had no idea it was by BEING A VIRTUAL AI BASED OFF OF THOSE IDEAS sobs violently. the scene w/ her and hinata at the end made me bawl everywhere it was dreadful. her trial 5 stuff is brill too and so is her execution.

peko pekoyama - i’m so glad that her cipher-ness was a DELIBERATE WRITING DECISION. her stuff in the trial was amazing, her entire deal with kuzuryuu was amazing, her punishment was amazing, i am deeply deeply sad about peko pekoyama

teruteru hanamura - i’m sure we all chorus as one when we say he was absolutely terrible and creepy but OUCH, OUCH AT THE END OF CHAPTER 1

sonia nevermind - my second fave and i’m SO GLAD SHE MADE IT TO THE END, she friggin deserved it. a constant force of good inspiration and great humour and great lines. sonia was so fuckin excellent. her stuff with both gundam and souda was SO GREAT but i was also way into her friendships with characters like hinata and mahiru, she was just the perfect allrounder and her social links were amazing

akane owari - i was worried she would be too much like aoi but in fact she is actually the perfect amount of aoi, she’s aoi and sakura’s weird angry gay baby who is violent and gutsy and fanged and full of GUTSSSS, and i love that she was so perceptive in a way other than just out and out intelligence. i mean that goes for all of these guys but i like that akane was shown to just have REALLY GOOD INTUITION while  being kinda book-dumb

hiyoko saionji - wails i love her, the meaner she got the worse it was, and then she started learning to NOT BE MEAN and she took advice from sonia and made a big shrine for mahiru and she was learning to be so much nicer AND THEN SHE DIES i’m so upset eternally

byakuya togami - i think we mean…byakuya twogami…. ;3 HAHA I CANT BELIEVE HOW EFFECTIVELY I FELL FOR IT, shsl swindler indeed.i still like him a thousand times more than togami classic. and ship the hell of him w/ hinata, so, there’s that. what an essentially good guy, considering his talent and checkered past. :’(

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