it took me a while but i’m gradually starting to warm up to everyone in dangan ronpa 2

i never did get around to writing a comprehensive first impressions list, so let’s settle for early impressions:

hajime hinata - i’m enjoying that he’s so completely disparate from naegi. his mannerisms and speaking style are way refreshing — i can’t actually stand protag expies? so this is a good omen. i love that he’s so gloomy and suspicious and the second he tries to lighten up he invariably gets punished for it.

nagito komaeda - hahahahaha oh my god not-naegi. BRILLIANT. i love him as a concept, i’m intrigued so see how they use him as a tool in the game. i also actually buy him as an evolution of naegi, so that’s pretty good.

usami - I THINK SHE’S HILARIOUS but also sort of upsetting??? I DONT KNOW HOW TO FEEL ABOUT HER… HONESTLY….

kazuichi souda - gradually warming up to. the spread of dudes in this game is way more agreeable to me actually! i have a horrbile long-held passion for characters who remind me of rex raptor out of yu-gi-oh so this guy gets an automatic boost

gundam tanaka - initially i was like ‘oh so this guy is like, sentai…shounen…eridan. with animals. oookay?’ but as of the last update he’s proven to be a bit more clumsy and endearing so i actually really like him right now! precious dramatic child

mikan tsukimi - i tend to not go in for dojikko (because they remind me too much of…….me….) BUT!! she’s SO DOJIKKO that it’s kind of ridiculous so right now i’m kinda okay with her.

ibuki mioda - ohhh twilight sparkle. i literally have NO IDEA where to begin withe hurricane of personality that she is, but i’m…tentatively endeared? SHE IS SORT OF AGGRESSIVELY WHACKY AND I CAN’T HELP BUT BE CHARMED BY THAT

nekomaru nidai - WOW I LOVE THIS DUDE SO MUCH ALREADY??? sorry, sakura instilled in me an adoration for big chunky fighters in this game  i guess. everything about him is just so ridiculously bara i love it

fuyuhiko kuzuryuu - wow i was really psyched up for this dude and he’s super boring

mahiru koizumi - honest? i don’t have the full measure of her character AT ALL yet, but she’s super cute and reminds me a little of chie. watch this space i guess?

chiaki nanami - SUPER CUTE, chihiro-esque design, gamer, oh wow i’m pumped for this little miss and her floating semi-apathetic observations

peko pekoyama - is suffering from the same doubts i had about kirigiri. edgy mysterious danger-girls aren’t…predisposed to holding my interest… here’s hoping that LIKE kirigiri she totally upturns my expectations

teruteru hanamura - GREAT DESIGN soured by super creepy pervert personality. i’m glad he’s almost an equal-opportunity pervert, though, that at least..takes a tiny bit of the edge off…. sort of…

sonia nevermind - i LOVE the dangan ronpa english names, sonia nevermind is such a GREAT NAME. i love her way of talking, i love her disconencted approach to everyone around her. i’m VERY INTRIGUED by sonia.

akane owari - ok she looks just like a terrible asahina expy but i LOVE dumb meathead jock girls who like to eat so i suppose things could be worse. also she’s a major sasspot and takes no shit, though this is kinda hard to discern when…so many of the girl characters in this game seem to have that personality default… STILL im optimistic

hiyoko saionji - REALLY SORT OF EXCITED ABOUT HER, she looks cute but is actually a snarky mean little whatsit. i like anything that subverts iniitial expectations and i was expecting her to be a regular moebucket

byakuya togami - oh no he’s hot

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